Under the Microscope

These were filmed under a microscope. I love how they did this. Towards the end of the first video the object popped out and to me it looks like a mouse. You can see the ears and the body but, sadly no tail…..hehehe. The person who filmed this has no idea what the object is. It was taken off of their hand.
The second video is a quick close up with some nice worms being squeezed out!

I have also included a link… “Welcome To sneakybagger2’s Channel”– a video about this person’s work, and link to his/her channel with lots more Under The Microscope short vids – with all kinds of things being squeezed, pulled, and picked at.

The Foreign Body

Squeezing the Pus

Posted on You Tube 2-11-2012 & 2-10-2012 by sneakybagger2.
Titles: “The Foreign Body” & “Squeezing the Pus!”

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